Now Available on Amazon

The Clocksmith has officially become available on Amazon. I was not expecting that to happen for another three days, so I am quite happy. If you have been thinking of buying a copy, now is the perfect time to do so.

3 comments on “Now Available on Amazon

  1. Carson says:

    The Clocksmith sounds like an interesting book. I’m currently in the process of having my first novel published. What made you decide to go with this approach as opposed to finding an agent and going with traditional publishing companies?

    • brigardine says:

      To be honest, this method of publishing was my second choice. I spent quite some time searching for an agent who would represent The Clocksmith, sending out wave after wave of query letters to anyone who would listen. Through this process, I learned that my book is too different for most publishers to take a chance on it, and so I decided to prove the agents wrong by self-publishing.
      You probably do not need this advice, but I highly recommend finding yourself an agent if you do not already have one. The biggest challenge to self-publishing is the marketing, and from what I have heard, agents are quite adept at alleviating that burden.

      • Carson says:

        I’m currently looking for an agent as well, but I’m afraid I may have to go the same route as you. I know marketing is very difficult. I’ve been trying to advertise for my book on , but I haven’t had too many hits. Good luck with your marketing efforts, though.

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