Royalty Problems

As some of you may know, I chose to publish The Clocksmith through Createspace. For quite some time, I was satisfied with the service I had been given. Everything from the books themselves to the publishing process have been very professional. However, I have now run into a problem that, while I am sure is no deliberate fault of Createspace, is nonetheless causing me some concern.


A few weeks ago, it came to my attention that people had bought copies of my book despite those copies not registering on my royalty report. At first, I thought perhaps I was mistaken, but I keep very close track of my royalties. A second look at the report confirmed that the sale had not registered. So after doing some research, I found that one copy in particular was bought off, but not through my personal page. Since it was not a direct sale, it was classified under Expanded Distribution, and according to Createspace, royalties from Expanded Distribution take thirty days after the end of the month the sale took place in to register. Since it had not yet been thirty days, I decided the best course of action would be to simply wait.


It has now been thirty-six days, and still the royalties are not appearing. Understandably, I am a bit upset at this turn of events. I was able to get into contact with some of the people who had bought my book since they were relatives, but I have no way of knowing how many books I am selling and not being paid for. I certainly don’t think Createspace is withholding money deliberately, but I do plan to notify them about this error so they can correct it.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, were you able to find a solution?


One comment on “Royalty Problems

  1. Tom Elias says:

    I’m waiting to finish some of my work and have yet to publish, but I’d love to hear how this got resolved.

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