Royalty Problems Part Two

In a previous post, I explained a slight problem I am having with publisher Createspace and their royalty payments. To summarize, I knew copies of my book had been bought and I had not been paid. I decided to alert Createspace to this potential error. Very soon after sending them an email, I received a reply instructing me to get the printing date from the one copy I had access to. I contacted the relative who had purchased the book and asked her to find the date, but she could find nothing.

At this point, I became (somewhat irrationally) paranoid that there were unauthorized printings of The Clocksmith drifting through the dusty corners of the internet, so I naturally contacted Createspace again. Their second response was just as quick as the first and assured me that there was no printing date on the copy because it was sold through an indirect sales channel and that I would have to wait thirty days after the end of the month the copy was purchased in for my royalties to arrive. Assuming the book was bought and printed in July, that time is up. But if it was printed in August, which is very possible, then I won’t see the royalties until October.

Since there is still doubt, I can do nothing but wait for the end of the month to arrive. I imagine that I will find my royalties all where they should be then, but there is still some uncertainty. I will be sure to post a conclusion to this when I have one.

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