Royalty Problems Resolved & Brigard Fact #8

This will hopefully be the final time I have to discuss royalty payment problems. To recap, I started noticing certain sales weren’t showing up on my royalty report two months ago. After contacting Createspace a few times, I determined the only thing I could do was wait until the end of September, as the sales in question were all through, and those can take up to two months to appear on my report. And so I have been patiently waiting to see what the end of September would bring.


Yesterday evening, as I was checking on my royalty report, I noticed that the sales were back to where I had guessed they should have been all along. While I can’t be sure that all the sales are there, they do appear to be, and so I will not have to complain anymore. This is especially good because now that I know my royalties aren’t broken, I can start putting up advertisements and contacting book stores.


Brigard Fact #8

People who have a spare room open for travelers to spend the night will hang a blue lantern by the road as a signal to any who pass. Because of this practice, many inns have adopted the blue lantern as a symbol of their hospitality.

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