Brigard Fact #67 & Giveaway Winner

Among those who still maintain the Aexian traditions, Reiv is the most important holiday of the year. This holiday, falling on the first new moon of spring, celebrates the birth of the first king of Aexia. The day was originally celebrated with feasts and retelling of the tales of the king’s adventures. However, the day has lately come to take on an association with revolution, and so is a rallying point for those who wish to separate from Brigard. Understandably, the Brigardine soldiers especially dislike the holiday.

At last, I am ready to announce the winner of the giveaway I started at the beginning of this month. Thank you very much to k.delaine for entering! Whenever it is convenient for you, please send me an email at telling me where you would like your free paperback copy of The Clocksmith sent.

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