Map of the Zontanos Kingdoms

Lately, I’ve started learning to make maps using Photoshop. I’ve always loved drawing maps, so I had plenty of pencil sketches to practice improving. This map was my first attempt and I must say, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Expect a few more maps in the near future, though they might not all look like this one as I am trying several different styles.
This particular map shows the setting of my upcoming D&D campaign I will be running for my brothers. The story will be leaning a bit toward the absurd.  The main antagonist is an elf by the name of Guildmaster Pegasus, who has established a monopoly that stretches into all the kingdoms of the Zontanos Sea. The players will be taking on the roles of a motley band of pirates who, along with a talking sword, set off to oppose Guildmaster Pegasus’ evil plans while simultaneously making as much money as possible.


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