Inkitt Fantasy Writing Contest


Hello, everybody! I was recently asked to share this interesting writing contest and so I thought this would be a great place for doing that. The Hither and Thither Fantasy Writing Contest, hosted by Inkitt, is open to just about anyone. From what I have seen of the rules, there is no minimum or maximum length and they will even accept previously published stories. To quote the official rules:

Submit your best original fantasy fiction stories of any length. As always, there is no entry fee. Old and previously published stories are also eligible. Help us escape reality with your most fantastic fantasy stories yet! Submit accounts of beasts, pixie dust, and witches, or enchant us with spells and poisons. We want to read tales that are so lifelike they make us forget we aren’t surrounded by kingdoms and dragons.

What’s more, I’m thinking of entering this contest myself! If you’ve always secretly thought you could write circles around me, now’s the perfect time to prove that. I look forward to the challenge! If you would like to learn more or enter the contest, just wander over to I’m sure everyone will greatly appreciate your consideration.


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