Site Updates and Such

Alright, so let me just start off by apologizing for the lack of regular posts here lately. Some things happened that required I go on a temporary hiatus. I should have announced that, but I didn’t and so again I apologize. But I do have some news to share, so let’s get right to that.

Starting this coming Saturday, I will be getting back into the Brigard Fact posts. I have two all ready to go, so that should be just enough to carry me to my goal of 104. Once I have reached that goal, I will be taking a break to focus on content that you will hopefully find interesting and useful. To that end, your feedback would be immensely helpful. What sorts of things do you want to see from my blog? I have a few ideas of my own regarding how to move forward, but I would rather do things you want to read. That should just about wrap things up. Keep an eye open for the return of the Brigard Facts, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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