Children’s Book Questions

Greetings and happy 2017, everyone! I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve been at all active around these parts of the internet, so I thought this year would be a good time to get a fresh start. My posts might end up being monthly to start off, but I hope to make sharing interesting bits of writing here a regular occurrence, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

All that aside, though, I’ve been thinking about my future plans in regards to writing. I have The Clocksmith‘s sequel nearly finished and I expect to start the publishing process sometime in the first half of 2017. Additionally, I have a children’s story that I’m thinking of putting out there for the public. This has me wondering about a few things.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, do you think I should publish my children’s book under a pseudonym, or at the very least something other than “Cody Brown” to differentiate it from my main body of work? Don’t get me wrong: It’s not as though I’m trying to hide the fact I wrote one thing or the other. It’s just that a children’s picture book is so different in format from my usual work that I’m not sure if I should do something to differentiate it in the eyes of the public, too. Is that even necessary? Would it end up hurting more than it helped? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Secondly, I am not much of an illustrator. I’ve been told the drawings I did to accompany my story are pretty cute and I do like them, but they aren’t what I would call professional. Do you think that matters? I would be self-publishing this if I was going to publish it at all, so the only illustrators I would be able to get are the ones I already know. While I do know a few very talented artists, none of them are currently available to work with me. What do you think? If necessary, I can share a sample of the sort of drawings I’d be able to include with the story.

I’d say that just about covers all the big questions I have about the children’s story project. I look forward to hearing what you all think I should do. Have a wonderful 2017, and I’ll hopefully be back soon with more to write about!


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