July Updates

I returned from a trip to the coast a few days ago. My time spent on the fogbound cliffs and primeval pine forests was truly wonderful. It seemed at times that there was something new to inspire my writing around every corner. As nice as it was, though, it’s also nice to be back in familiar surroundings.

While The Channeler is being finished up, I’ve been working on a new, unrelated novel. This new novel is tentatively titled A Heart of Stone and was started with the goal of capturing the feeling the best-written fairy tales give me when I read them. I look forward to the point where I can share an excerpt with you all!

As far as my poetry goes, I’m still trying to find places to submit my work to. So far, the only response I’ve received has been a rejection. That’s perfectly fine, though. My poetry isn’t right for everyone and rejections are nothing to take personally. If any of you have suggestions for places I might query, however, I would be eternally grateful.


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