Now on Fiverr

As the title suggests, I am now offering some commissions through the website Fiverr. At the moment, I have two different products available: Editing and map illustration. Both have descriptions on the site, but I’ll put some explanation here, as well.

Editing is more or less exactly what it sounds like. If you have a piece of writing and you want to make sure it’s the best it can be, I’ll be happy to give it a thorough round of editing. You can learn more here.

If a map is more what you’re looking for, I can supply that, as well. I can map out any fantasy realm you’ve imagined, whether it be for stories, games, or anything else you need one for. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, you can read more here!

My hope is that these links will get into the hands of those who could really benefit from the services I’m offering, and to that end, I would be endlessly grateful if you all could perhaps share them with others you think might be interested. Thank you very much and I’ll see you all again when June is upon us!


Brigard Fact #82

At the start of spring, monasteries along Brigard’s central coast engage in a delicate art. First, a raven egg – symbolizing Abdiel’s omnipresence – is very carefully drained and hollowed, leaving a small window of sorts in one side. Then, using wooden pieces carved during the winter, the monk will create a scene within the eggshell. Important religious events are most often depicted, but scenes of nature are also popular. Once the pieces are all in place, the outer shell is painted with intricate designs. Many of the finished eggs are sold to fund the monastery’s upkeep.

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Happy New Year

May 2013 be a good year for everyone.  Also, there is a reason for this post beyond well-wishing.  The Clocksmith‘s cover is nearly finished.  My artist is waiting only for me to get around to finishing the blurb for the back.  Having seen what is done of it so far, I can say with confidence that the cover is going to be quite amazing.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  Expect more news soon, as I am finally unraveling this tangle of threads that is publishing.

Pre-Publishing Update

As the title suggests, I am still in the process of sorting out the publishing side of The Clocksmith.  However, assuming all goes as planned, everything will have fallen into place in a few short days.

Yesterday, I spent quite a lot of time adjusting the book’s format. I have chosen to go the self-publishing route for the time being, and so I must work out everything on my own.  Fortunately, it was not difficult to get everything looking right.  Time-consuming, perhaps, but not difficult.

Now that my book is formatted correctly and I have learned its dimensions, my artist has finally been able to move on to designing the cover.  She also has a website full of wonderful and interesting pictures.  In fact, I think this may be an endorsement.  There should be a link here, I suppose.  Oh, well.  I will add the link as a separate post.  Back on the subject of the cover, it is coming along marvelously.  When it is finished, I will put a preview up on here somewhere, so that is something to look forward to.

That is all the news I have for you at the moment, I am afraid.  Stay tuned after the new year for more exciting information!